Work in progress...

CureCode is a online bugtracking tool written in REBOL programming language and using our Cheyenne web server and RSP framework.

Main features are :
  • Great performances : very fast page rendering
  • Database backend : MySQL
  • Small : 79KB (size of compressed archive)
  • Localized : support for English and French provided
  • Attached file support with image thumbnails previews
  • Built-in Mail Transfer Agent, no need for 3rd-party servers
  • Open source: BSD license (included jQuery UI library distributed under MIT license)

It's still in beta stage and there's several useful features to add to reach a 1.0. Anyway we use it in production since a couple of years for several projects saving us a lot of time.

Since december 2008, CureCode has been chosen by REBOL Technologies to host tickets tracking for their upcoming new REBOL 3.

This web site is under construction, a lot more to come soon.

Installation: quick guide


  • Cheyenne server version from SVN repository
  • REBOL/Core binary v2.7.6+
  • Installed MySQL server version 3, 4 or 5.x (5+ recommended)
  • MySQL server has to be configured to allow TCP/IP access from localhost
  • NConvert command-line utility for images processing
  • A pair of private/public keys from ReCaptcha for the target domain of your Curecode instance.

Install process

  1. Ensure that your MySQL server is running and properly configured.
  2. Unpack the CureCode archive and move the curecode/ folder to its final place.
  3. Copy the NConvert binary to public/files/ folder.
  4. Go to curecode/private/ folder.
  5. Open a REBOL console and run the install script: do %install.r
  6. Follow the install instructions and answer the questions (defaults are OK for a first install).
  7. Add the generated webapp config block to Cheyenne's http.cfg file under the appropriate domain section.
  8. Edit curecode/private/instances/default/recaptcha.keys file and put there your own Recaptcha keys.
  9. Start Cheyenne.
  10. Go to http://<yourdomain>/curecode/ and log in as administrator.
  11. Go to Manage page and create a first project.
  12. Congrats, you can now add new tickets and start using CureCode!
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