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TypeBug Statustested Date21-Feb-2010 10:54
Versionalpha 97 CategoryNative Submitted byhenrikmk
PlatformAll Severitytrivial Prioritynormal

Summary MAX/MIN change the datatype of the returned value
Description If an integer and decimal or money is combined, the output is decimal or money, but this is not stated in help. In a specific case, I wasn't expecting that, when a value suddenly changed from integer! to decimal!:

? max
MAX value1 value2

Returns the greater of the two values.
MAX is a native value.

value1 (scalar! date! series!)
value2 (scalar! date! series!)
Example code
>> max 4 2.5
== 4.0

>> max 4 $2.5
== $4

Assigned ton/a Fixed inalpha 108 Last Update20-Oct-2010 03:11

21-Feb-2010 22:06

It's changed for decimal! and money! comparison too:
>> max 4.0 $2.5
== $4.0000000000000000

In the hierarchy of integer!, decimal!, money! the higher type in the hierarchy is returned. I suspect that this is because the value needs to be converted to be compared, and the converted value is returned instead of the original. This should be either noted in the web docs or changed to return the original value, same as series.
22-Sep-2010 05:09

A nasty side-effect bug.

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