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TypeWish Statusbuilt Date25-Mar-2010 10:50
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Summary DELETE-DIR function (from R2)
Description R2 has a DELETE-DIR function which recursively deletes the files from a directory, then the directory itself. Was this left out of R3 on purpose, or just forgotten?
Example code
; The R2 version, which could use a doc string and some tweaking
delete-dir: func [
    dir [file! url!]
    /local files
    if all [
        dir? dir
        dir: dirize dir
        attempt [files: load dir]
    ] [
        foreach file files [delete-dir dir/:file]
    attempt [delete dir]

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27-Apr-2010 06:33

I felt that DELETE should do that as well, eliminating the extra function.
27-Apr-2010 09:01

Well, it doesn't. DELETE doesn't delete a directory that has files in it, at least on Windows. It does delete empty directories though.

I think whether DELETE-DIR should be included (or whether DELETE should delete directories with files in them) is a safety issue. By not including DELETE-DIR by default, perhaps putting it into a filetools module instead, it would make it a little harder to shoot yourself in the foot with a shotgun instead of a pellet gun. I'd use that filetools module, but would be OK with not having it loaded by default. If that is the choice, dismiss this ticket.

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