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TypeBug Statusreviewed Date26-Feb-2011 22:25
Versionalpha 106 CategoryUnspecified Submitted byabolka
PlatformLinux x86 libc6 Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary Non-/wait CALL blocks on Linux
Description On Win32, CALL does not block until the called program finishes. On Linux, CALL blocks (just as CALL/wait does).
Example code


Assigned ton/a Fixed in- Last Update9-May-2014 13:17

9-Jun-2013 23:38

Comment originally added in the example code field by Carl on 2011-02-27:

"Submit the code to the host-kit and we'll add it. If you need any R3 lib changes, mention it and they can be added too."
9-May-2014 13:17

Preliminary Linux fix (untested on OSX or other POSIX platforms, for now):

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