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TypeWish Statusbuilt Date6-Oct-2013 10:44
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Summary Remove /else refinement from IF
Description IF is the only conditional function having the /else refinement. No regular Rebol user needs the refinement, because EITHER is cleaner.

If the memory serves me well, it was my "rant" back in R1 time inspiring Carl to define EITHER.

Back to the subject, it turns out that I am not the only Rebol user having this wish, the subject occurred in Rebol SO chat.
Example code
either some-condition then-argument else-argument

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7-Oct-2013 07:50

Yes, I vote to remove it.
7-Oct-2013 13:06

I agreed to remove it.
7-Oct-2013 15:31

I brought it up in chat, and was in favor of removing it.

I have seen twice discussions with new users where they ask roughly "where is ELSE?" Then they are pulled into a discussion which explains that EITHER is better, and if you wanted Rebol to have an "IF X THEN Y ELSE Z" style of programming, you could...but then IF would take 5 parameters and if you didn't use them all you'd have to write "IF X THEN Y none none"... or your IF would have to take a block, etc.

Somewhere in the discussion it is mentioned that IF has an /ELSE refinement. This doesn't help at all.

What *would* help, I think, would be that if the built-in help for IF led people directly to EITHER and UNLESS. To this end, I was thinking the "See Also" information from the web help (just the list of related functions) should be migrated into the core somehow and provided via HELP.
7-Oct-2013 19:36

Remove it or /else!
7-Oct-2013 20:46

remove, long standing deprecation which was supposed to be removed. No one uses it, it slows down eval and it's not even clean Rebol.
8-Oct-2013 00:17

It was just in Rebol 2 to mollify the Rebol 1 users who missed the ELSE function. Good riddance.
8-Oct-2013 00:41

20-Feb-2014 21:05

Fixed in - ELSE is gone too.

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