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TypeBug Statussubmitted Date15-Oct-2014 06:02
Versionr3 master CategoryHost-Kit Submitted byabolka
PlatformLinux x86 libc6 Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary Passing "--quiet --secure allow" to R3 via shebang results in usage note being printed
Description When passing two long-form arguments (such as --quiet --secure allow) to R3 through a shebang (!#) line in a script, R3 fails to parse the arguments and thus prints a usage note.
Example code
$ cat foo.reb 
#!/usr/local/bin/rebol3 --quiet --secure allow
print "Hello, World!"

$ ./foo.reb 
REBOL 3.0 A0 10-Mar-2014/23:12:09

Command line usage:

	REBOL |options| |script| |arguments|

Standard options:

	--args data      Explicit arguments to script (quoted)
	--do expr        Evaluate expression (quoted)

Hello, World!

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