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TypeBug Statusreviewed Date13-Aug-2015 17:55
Versionr3 master CategoryUnspecified Submitted byfork
PlatformAll Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary Path evaluation does not process THROWN values as THROWN
Description When a THROW/BREAK/CONTINUE happens inside paren code in a path, it attempts to use the thrown error as the selection key.

It should probably interrupt the evaluation such that the thrown value "bubbles up" out of the path. Hence FOO/(THROW "SOMETHING" 'BAR) would in effect do the same thing as SELECT FOO (THROW "SOMETHING" 'BAR)
Example code
>> foo: object [bar: 10]
== make object! [
    bar: 10

>> foo/('bar)
== 10

>> foo/(throw "something" 'bar)
** Script error: cannot access (throw "something" 'bar) in path foo/(throw "something" 'bar)

;-- expected "unhandled throw"

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