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TypeBug Statusreviewed Date13-Aug-2015 23:07
Versionr3 master CategoryUnspecified Submitted byfork
PlatformAll Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary MAKE ERROR! does not process THROWN values as THROWN
Description Similar to #2243. MAKE ERROR! evaluates the block it is passed like MAKE OBJECT! does. But if a THROW-style operation happens (including CONTINUE, BREAK, RETURN, etc.) then rather than handling it, it will process the THROWN()
Example code
>> make error! [type: 'Access arg1: 10 + 20 id: 'Protocol]      
** Access error: protocol error: 30

>> make error! [type: 'Access arg1: throw 10 + 20 id: 'Protocol]              
** Internal error: error object or fields were not valid   ;-- expect "unhandled throw"

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