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Summary URL! should be allowed for script on command-line...and... other types?
Description Currently the script name given on the command line must be a filename. It would be nice if a URL could be used instead.

rebol param1 param2 param3

The more general thought from this would be "you should be able to pass anything that DO would take", and have it replace the --do switch. This would run into contention in the general case if you tried the likes of:

rebol "append/only system/options/args 1"

That could be a file called "args 1" under some directories. While forcing people to put % in front of their file names would be one answer, that's not an answer compatible with automatic command line completion.

So a way to think of requesting a DO of code behavior would be to still not have a --do switch but enclose the first argument in brackets or parens:

rebol "[append/only system/options/args 1]"
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