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TypeBug Statusdismissed Date9-Feb-2009 22:11
Versionalpha 33 CategoryUnspecified Submitted byBrianH
PlatformAll Severitynot a bug Priorityhigh

Summary AT has off-by-one error for indexes < 1.
Description AT series 0 is the same as AT series 1. For 1-based indexing, the 0 index should be one back from the current position, the -1 index two back, and so on.

This bug prevents calculation of the index argument, which is necessary for simulating 0-based indexing amongst other things. Both blocks and strings are affected.

Note: R2 also has this bug.
Example code


Assigned ton/a Fixed in- Last Update6-Mar-2014 23:01

5-Mar-2014 10:08

According to the index compromise in #2117 this is not a bug.
6-Mar-2014 23:01

According to #2117 a part of this ticket is still important: `AT series 0` should cause an error. But it's best to track that in a separate ticket.

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