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TypeIssue Statusreviewed Date12-Jun-2009 03:04
Versionalpha 56 Categoryn/a Submitted byPeterWood
PlatformMac OSX Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary Wait is CPU intensive on Mac OS X
Description CPU usage goes over 90% during waiting time.
Example code
wait 30

Assigned ton/a Fixed in- Last Update4-Nov-2009 02:39

12-Jun-2009 08:01

Possibly related to #673.
29-Jun-2009 06:46

This is happening because there is no "event" device yet for that OS (so there is no actual WAIT happening.)

Normally, the event device is part of the GUI system. However, it may be possible to implement some kind of minimal event method for Posix systems that we can use until the GUI is running.
4-Nov-2009 02:39

I am experiencing the same problem on Linux.

What would be needed for the "minimal event method" for POSIX systems you mention? I'd be willing to work on such a thing.

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