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TypeBug Statusproblem Date23-Feb-2010 16:48
VersionSVN r76 CategoryRSP Submitted byMikeL
PlatformWindows Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary Worker-Libs requiring full path
Description On Windows, I wanted to use mysql-protocol.r and some other utility functions to make RSP cleaner. I could not get it to work until I coded the full path the each worker library
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Assigned ton/a Fixed in- Last Update1-Mar-2010 17:02

1-Mar-2010 17:01

I can't reproduce this issue. On Windows (XP and 7), the following configuration works :

in httpd.cfg :
worker-libs [

Cheyenne folder: %/c/dev/Cheyenne/
http.cfg location: %/c/dev/Cheyenne/httpd.cfg
Mysql driver: %/c/dev/Cheyenne/libs/mysql-protocol.r

Tested both in source and encapped mode with r76.
1-Mar-2010 17:02

You haven't specified correctly your Cheyenne version (SVN r76 is not yet released).

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